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hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be talking to you guys about finances just getting started and some tips about how to be on your way to the road to financial independence okay we’ll go with the most obvious first tip and the first tip is to get a part-time job or side hustle I think the greatest thing that a student can do is work in addition why do you go to school okay half of it is to learn but I think the other half is to make sure that you’re qualified to work one day so that you can make money and feed yourself find a place to live and you know contribute to society if you work while you study it you gain that experience that real jobs in the future are going to ask you for my parents did a really good job of instilling in us that hard work will be paid off when young when my mom was able to we got allowances when we were kids like we would do all you’d have to do a bunch of chores around the house every single week and if we did all of our tours correctly if we did our laundry and everything went well we would get something like I don’t know ten or twenty dollars a week then financial crisis of 2008 hit my stepdad lost his job and that put an end to that pretty quickly but I still wanted to work and I was okay with working because my mom had like instilled in me that working was you know a normal thing from young so what did I do when the crisis hit and I was in like about middle school and things were going downhill from my family I started like babysitting for family members and stuff and they would pay me like I don’t know again ten dollars an hour to watch my cousins or something like that I was one of those kids at like 10 or 11 or 12 that I wasn’t going to do anything for anybody unless they paid me and so that was a little that was the start of little working Tia then we get to high school and I start to get like more real jobs like I was camp counselor for a while which wasn’t paid hourly but I got like a stipend and I think I was like I don’t know a couple hundred dollars of a stipend I kept doing like little odd jobs like that and with little paid internships up until my junior year I got two big breaks one was I was working at the bank I told you guys that a bunch of time my high school had like a partnership with a local bank in town and they would have every year an internship where students like five students could work at different functions in the bank from IT to management and so I have got that and that was really amazing because it was even though the internship was a real job like we were getting paid like nine dollars an hour which at the time was amazing it was cool to work at the bank it felt like my first real real job and while I was working at the bank from like 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. I said why don’t I get another job and so what did I do I sent out a bunch of job applications everywhere and I got hired at Burger King so it was really an interesting dynamic working at the bank by day like I had to get dressed up and work in you know kind of private sector not exactly corporate America but you know in the banking sector and then I would get into my brokedown little car and drive across town to go put on my uniform and go work at Burger King until like 10:00 p.m. at night but those are my first two jobs and it really felt nice to make my own money every week I was getting a paycheck and I knew that that was money I could do whatever I wanted with it was mine I didn’t have to depend on my parents and I was also helping my parents out because I turned to learn the tough tough position my dad didn’t have a job and my mom was taking on everything by herself and I didn’t want to be like another burden to them so I started working and this work would go on to pay off so much later on in life this or it would be the beginning of my savings which would be a huge help when I would go on to move to Italy I worked all that summer and like I made some investments for school like I paid for prom I bought my laptop my MacBook cuz I knew that I was going to meet a decent computer for university I bought some stuff for like the YouTube channel because I had you know the extra stuff and after all of that I still had like three thousand dollars left and I went I went to Italy with that three thousand dollars another tip that I would say that goes along with this apart from getting a side job or skyed hustle I would say to open a bank account what’s the point first of all if you open a bank account there are different types of bank accounts you can open and the most common for us young people would be like checking the cash checking account and a savings account a savings savings account is an account that you put money in and either like there’s like a minimum limit to it or you can’t take money on it a certain amount of time like there are limits to make sure that money stays in that account and you earn interest on that money that’s in that account like maybe you’ll make like the interest is not so high maybe you’ll be making a couple pennies every year but you’re accruing something and it’s also like a detriment it forces you to not spend your money because of stuff it’s in that savings account that you can’t really touch so that’s one and then a checking account a checking account is usually required for most jobs at least in America because most jobs pay you via direct deposit you give them your bank account information and every week the money just goes automatically in there so a lot of times of companies won’t pay you unless you have a bank account so you need to get one I love bank accounts because there’s something about having the money not physically in front of your face that makes it it I don’t want to spend it if I have 20 euros in my hand I’m going to spend it on something if I’m 20 years in my pocket I’m going to spend it on something I’m going to see something I want and going to say hey I have this one goes in my hand and I’m going to spend it whereas if it’s in the bank it’s a mental thing like I don’t feel the desire to spend it and I usually don’t so I think that another huge tip would be to get a bank account typically I only have a checking account I don’t have a savings account because I don’t know setting up a bank account whether it be savings or checking is super helpful in terms of like saving money and getting off on the right foot another tip that I’d say is make a budget and stick to it you need to have a list of all your expenses that you need to pay every single month and make sure that you’re making more than that or at least that if you make at least that then you will you know be paying all of your bills and you’ll be fine but if you make more than that you’ll have money to spend and money to save really important to visualize these things because a lot of the time if you’re not organized in your head with the amount of money that you have to pay you might you might go overboard you might not have enough money to pay everything you need and also if you visualize that you’ll see the things are totally necessary and the things that are unnecessary and you’ll be able to cut the things that are unnecessary and just focus on the things that are necessary there are a bunch of great apps that can help you with this like one I used to use in high school is called mint and I actually like connected to your bank account and could see every one of your transactions and it would from the transactions it would put it in category whether it be like food miscellaneous Fitness fun so like every month I would say ok I want to spend just this amount on fitness I just want to spend just this amount on food and it would tell me if I was going overboard and it would tell me if I was like if I had money in the savings visualizing your budget and actually managing it and sticking to it is a huge way to save yourself some money because you’d be surprised when we’re not thinking about it we spend so much money randomly acaso that we don’t need to be spending and we could be saving if we would just visualize it one example of this is try going to the grocery store without a budget without a list a shopping list and see how much you spend and then try again with a set budget and a set list of things you need and see how much you spend every time I have on my calculator 20 euros and I like make sure I spend within 20 years like I subtract every time I pick something up I subtract the price from 20 years up until I get to zero I find that I’m able to buy enough food to last me for that week and I stay underneath 20 years but if I go in there and I just buy all the things that I think I need I always go over 20 years so these are a little like mind tricks you have to like play with your with yourself in order to you know save more money another tip I would say which is one of the go support important it’s just self-control we just don’t control ourselves I’m guilty of this as well like our friends will invite us out to aperitivo and you have so many friends and if you don’t control yourself you’ll be going out to aperitivo every single night and of course aperitivo seems cheap aperitivo is 10 euros but you know if you go out every night that’s 50 euros if you’re going during the week and 70 years if you’re going through the weekend do you really meet that new shirt that you’re about to spend 20 euros on do you really need those new shoes that you’re about to spend money on like a lot of the times you just need to like tell yourself I I don’t need this and I need to control myself and just tell your friends like I’m actually going staying tonight I want to a pair people yesterday like you just need to control yourself it’s hard I know but that’s another way to save a lot of money my last huge tip is to take the help when you can when you need it and when you can when it’s like there for you and that might sound counterintuitive like how is accepting money from my parents going to help me become financially stable well the point is like there’s a certain amount of time where I think it’s totally okay for parents to support their kids and one of those amounts one of those time periods is college if your parents are offering to pay your rent and offering to pay your school fees don’t be an idiot like don’t like torture yourself accept that help and while you’re getting that help work your ass off because if you don’t have to pay tuition and you don’t have to pay friends you really only have to pay for like transportation and sometimes and your phone and listen time parents pay those things anyways if you don’t have any cost and you’re just getting money in that’s the key to saving I was really lucky because even though my parents themselves couldn’t help me out I had scholarships at a scholarship that paid for my tuition and I just scholarship that partially paid for like my housing and so I was all the money I was making on YouTube with all the money I was making from like English tutoring I was able to save a large majority of that and that’s become super helpful because now I have a really nice savings no debt it gives me the freedom to do what I want yet financial freedom is the most amazing thing not having to depend on somebody and not having to worry about your next paycheck or your next bill is so amazing and I can’t stress the beauty of having savings than just something to fall back on I’m not saying savings to spend because I usually don’t touch my savings but just savings to give you that kind of security so you know that if something happens tomorrow you’re fine one way to get to this point is by having help I mean I don’t know how I wouldn’t have been able to save as much if I had to pay for school if I had to take out loans if I had to pay for my rent and I see a lot of kids that think that I don’t know it’s bad to ask their parents for stuff but it’s not that’s what parents are there for when I have kids I’m going to help them I’m going to want to help them and I know that my parents if they had the resources to have been able to help me they would have helped me they helped my brothers and sisters now that they have the resources to help them think the fact that I mean I don’t want to say thanks for the fact I’m sure that the fact that I was super independent helped them to save money for my younger brothers and sisters and they helped my first younger brothers and sisters take all the help that you can get because there are some people that don’t have any help at all and it really makes things like a million times harder don’t be ashamed I’m not saying like ask your parents for everything I’m not saying to have your parents pay your rent and then not like just sit on the couch and leech off of that I’m still saying to work but I’m just saying you don’t need to reject help that’s there for you those are pretty much my tips for financial stability and just like saving up money some people asked like how did I get started in Italy like how do I open a bank account and stuff well when you go to a school in Italy usually the school give you like um a bank account or a student card that functions as a bank card so I have that my school gave me a tax idea co-teaching Scotland and they also gave me the ability to use my student card as a bank account so that’s what I’ve been using I haven’t had to like go out and open an actual Italian bank account if you are going to school here you should be able to open a bank account if you’re not going to school here and you’re just like living here if you have a pair mess abuse or journal so you’re going to be living here for a while you will be able to go to the Revenue Agency and ask for a pony to do Scotland and with that quota to Tiscali you’ll be able to do other things like ask for the resident so in whatever city you’re staying in and once you have the residence on the closest khale you should be able to open bank account it’s a little bit like complicated for Americans because there are tax implications that come with us and they’re literally some banks that will not open accounts for Americans because of our international like tax tax implications Bob they’re not every bank you just have to find a bank that will accept Americans and use them when I came to Italy I didn’t work at first I came with thirty thousand dollars in my pocket in my life in my America no I came with three thousand dollars in cash and I put that all in the Italian bank account and for the first four months it was really scary like I’ve never been in a position like I said I worked all through high school and even before working in high school like I did like little odd jobs I’d never felt the feeling of not having the ability to work and not being able to support myself and give myself back security so the first three three months was super scary and really like hard I was really pinching pennies and then like I went home for Christmas and on the plane going home for Christmas there was this other lady that was American and we ended up like starting to talking and she was an English teacher and she’s the one that told me that I should be doing like private lessons and I could charge this and I could make that and like I took her advice and when I came back that’s when I started doing English tutoring and English tutoring helps so much um I made a decent I was making like 20 years an hour for the private lessons of when I worked at school I was working like it with taking like 17 years in our life I was making a decent amount of money and it allowed me to maybe work like five hours a week which is nothing and make like enough to cover the read set my scholarship being covered by my food pay for my transportation card and maybe like save a hundred or two hundred uhm to save one hundred or two hundred at the end of every month and overtime like the more I start to work the more I started to save and also like YouTube helps a lot because once I started getting bigger YouTube checks like those just went right to my savings I really didn’t spend any of the money that I earned on YouTube really not really I try not to touch that money and it just contributed to my saving so that was pretty much how I got started in Italy because you guys were asking for that specifically find a job that you can do if you’re an American do like do English tutoring if you’re in Italian and you’re decent at some kind of school subject you can do any other kind of tutoring like I know people that make about the same amount of money as me tutoring kids and like physics and math or history or Latin there’s a huge demand for tutors and I think that’s the perfect job for a student in I don’t want this video to be too long I hope you guys found it useful let me know if you want any other videos like this where I give you kind of like financial advice and talk about like finances I’d love to share what I’ve learned and yeah hope you guys like this video like and subscribe if you haven’t already I’ll see you in my next one mmm

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