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HOW I’M SAVING MONEY IN 2018 – How To Save More Each Month

[Music] are you guys and welcome back to my channel I don’t know about you guys but I love a new year I don’t know why I know it’s nothing really special the Sun still comes up and goes down just like any other day but when the new year comes like a new set of goals a new set of ways to improve yourself and just like a fresh start if that makes any sense to you guys and when it comes to making a fresh start and setting goals money usually comes into the equation I’m always interested to see what little things I can change in my everyday life that could save me money throughout the entire year and with that being said I thought there was no better time than to sit down and do a top 10 ways I am saving money in 2018 everyone’s different and everyone’s budget is different so leave me down below in the comments how you are planning to save money and we can see if we could work off each other’s ideas if you are new here make sure to be updated on every future video this channel puts out by clicking that little red subscription button and if you want to be notified click the little bell right next to it it will send you notifications each and every time a new video goes live on this channel without any further ado here are my top 10 ways I am saving money in 2018 number one is my no spend in January you’ll see this all across my channel this month but I’ve decided that after my fixed expenses are paid I’m going to put cash into four designated envelopes check back on this channel every Saturday I will have my initial no spend January video linked down below once again every Saturday I will be doing a live stream to kind of update and keep accountable and other people who are doing no spend as well can join the conversation we can see how you’re doing on our money saving number two is cutting Starbucks completely out of my budget I’m going to try to maximize Christmas gift cards I got to Starbucks and any of my free rewards I have a few free drinks breakfast items and then I will have one on my birthday but other than that I do not plan on spending any money at Starbucks it’s gonna be some dark number three is restocking my bathroom stockpile by the time you guys see this video I will have already gone to the store combined coupons and store sales and completely re stopped my upstairs closet with everything from a year’s worth of shampoo conditioner Body Wash deodorant razors hair spray toilet paper so on and so forth I am sharing that in one of my no spend updates I love a playlist of my entire no spend January and because you guys requested to see my personal stockpile and you wanted to see how I get such a deep discount on all those items I decided to include it in an episode of no spend January number four is packing my lunches in my little bento box plastic containers I did this last year and it worked so well I want to buy more and continue doing it if you are new to this channel I got into the habit of meal prepping on Sunday night and I had five little plastic bento boxes I would make two or three different dishes and fill the bento box and take them straight from my kitchen to my office’s fridge and I would have lunch there every day of the workweek the exact bento boxes I use are $2.00 and they are listed down below they are dishwasher microwave freezer safe cannot read about them not sponsored wish they were go ahead and check them out if you are interested in seeing a good quality bento box to pack your lunch with them number five is favoriting items and waiting for them to go on sale if there’s something that I see that I really want that it’s not an immediate need I like to favorite it whether it be on Amazon or that company’s mailing list and then when that item goes on sale I’ll get an email and if I still want it and/or need it I will go buy it at that discounted price one of the things I’ve learned the last five years is that patience is the greatest money-saving tool other than budgeting budgeting and patience number six is to shop second-hand I live in the beautiful Columbus Ohio and there are several resale shops that sell really nice gently used items whether it’s clothing or furniture or any other household thing you might need before I go and pay top dollar at a retail store I will do a little bit of research and see if I can get that same item secondhand number seven is to reduce restaurant spending to once a week like I’ve mentioned before I on a no spend January and I do have an envelope for personal and I can take that personal money to go to a restaurant but twenty dollars in a restaurant is not gonna get you very far and I’d rather hold on that personal money in case anything else comes up therefore I decided I’m only going to eat at restaurants one time a week and for eight I’m gonna cash in on fuel perks we’ve talked about this in previous videos I have an entire video called how I get gas for free I will link it up up in the cars but it simply explains how if I’m going to go buy something let’s make an example let’s say I need to go buy five hundred dollars in patio furniture and I’m gonna buy it on Amazon before I go to to make the purchase I go to my grocery store that has fuel perks I will buy five hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards that will gift me a certain percent off of my gas usually it’s like maybe twenty to forty cents per $100 you buy then I will take those gift cards back home and I will order that stuff on Amazon using the gift cards to pay for that furniture and then when I go to fill up my gas tank I will go to that grocery stores affiliated gas station and cash in on free gas there wasn’t any in vlogmas i took you guys with me and my gas was completely free and i actually just filmed filling up and you can see like the gallons going up but the money which is staying at zero dollars but anyway cashing in on fuel perks to get free gas it’s one of the big ways i plan on saving money in 2018 pepperdine is utilizing coupons and a value pack i know i talked about stocking up my bathroom stockpile but in most neighborhoods you get a little value pack that has coupons for various restaurants things you can do in your social life at a discounted or free price and if there’s something I’m interested in doing whether it be like just with Christopher or with the social group of friends if I have that value pack coupon that’s like half off for bowling or free movie passes I will utilize those to keep my social spending down and number 10 is practice the 24 hour rule if I see something and I really want it and there’s no way I can see it going on sale in the foreseeable future I will take a step back let 24 hours pass and see if I still want that item nine times out of 10 I go maybe the way I can get it and I borrow from a friend can I just wait a little bit more time maybe it will go on sale but waiting 24 hours ensures that is something that I really truly want and therefore will be a better purchase but anyway those are my personal top ten ways I am saving money in 2018 once again leave me a comment down below on exactly what you are going to be doing to make the most of your budget here this year in 2018 once again if you like these videos let me know by giving this one a thumbs up and if you are not subscribed to this channel click the little red subscription button down below it’ll update you each and every time I upload a new video thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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